Urban Grub

Visiting Off-the-Radar Restaurants, Day 5 — Urban Grub

Nashville SCENE | by Chris Chamberlain | Jan 6, 2017 8 AM

Bring us all your meats and cheeses!

“Wait a minute, Chamberlain,” you might be asking. “You’ve been telling us all week about some hidden or forgotten gems of the local dining scene, but how can you call Urban Grub an ‘off-the-radar’ restaurant? Especially when it’s so huge that you can probably see it from the International Space Station when the orbit is just right.”

Point taken, but believe it or not, Urban Grub is already closing in on its fifth birthday this spring, and we haven’t really written much about the restaurant here in the Scene since our review in 2012. Where you will see the name of the restaurant in these pages (or on this website) is when you hear about executive chef Edgar Pendley being invited to cook at special dinners, live-fire events or food festivals around the region. Unlike many other local chefs whose names appear again and again in national magazines, Pendley is more of a chefs’ favorite than a READ MORE