Nashville’s Newest Sustainable Grub Hub

Nashville Green Magazine | July 4, 2014 | by Tom Cooper

Chef Edgar Pendley’s passion for meat is evident by his forearms – and onsight curing rooms.  Pendley loves his meat, and so do his customers, who now flock to Urban Grub, one of 12th South’s newest grub hubs gaining accolades for all-around sustainability.

Pendley boasts about his local sources of pigs, lamb, cows and even mushrooms. He is so close to his Dickson, TN suppliers that he not only knows which animal he is serving, he also knows what the animals have eaten.

Nashville’s Newest Sustainable Grub Hub

Much has been said and written about sustainability, appreciating the finiteness of our resources and understanding the potential our habits may be having on the climate. Even as some of our elected leaders still debate the science, corporate America is accepting some responsibility by making changes in sourcing,  read full article here




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